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Nature's Wellness

Our farmhouse is a small oasis in the green of the forest below and surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. In this piece of land enriched by wild herbs that grow here and there, only the eye of an expert can distinguish them.Il Forno

The so called “weeds" that appear to the untrained eye are for us a little inexhaustible wealth. They form part of the kitchen ingredients that Carla prepares with skilled hands and that provide food flavoring with healthy dishes and which are great cleansors for the liver as well as an important component that is mixed with the tantalizing appetizers and sauces for crostini.

The cuisine is Mediterranean with typical dishes from Tuscany and Massa and also with exotic and vegetarian options on request.

The kitchen alongside the art of Mauro, a natural therapist who with massage performed with essential oils that he himself prepares depending on the needs of people, supporting various techniques such as shiatsu, the Chinese micro-massage and deep relaxation, and that are aimed to rebalance those who are stressed by the rhythms of the city. Therefore, every stay can be an opportunity to find new energies and to learn techniques for better living.

Carla makes use of her knowledge of herbal medicine to prepare excellent beauty masks and various kinds of teas: detoxifying, relaxing or energetic, depending on the need. Agriturismo Karma being small and family-run is really a nest that welcomes guests and makes them feel like they are at home. You can also request courses: the kitchen that cures, lose weight by eating, learn about herbs and medicines in order to improve health and your lifestyle.

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