La Cucina dell'agriturismo Karma
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The Kitchen

The key feature of the kitchen is the personal supervision by Carla who prepares with wild herbs, spices and a wide variety of aromatic herbs, together with a careful combination of food constitutes a real healthy kitchen.

The Karma cuisine is rich and varied: a simple diet which reflects the Tuscan tradition / Massa and Mediterranean. The products that Carla uses to prepare her dishes are to a large extent the farms products and local products such as cheese, cold cuts, meat and fish. Even vegetarians find their space in the kitchen of Carla, you can taste good vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The integral and organic products, and the use only of foods that give us life and energy allow guests to leave with a different vitality.

Ours is a kitchen that respects the rhythms of the seasons and the results are seen after only two days; your face relaxes, the skin becomes bright and it feels more energetic.

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